Birdman Reportedly Closes Seven of His Bank Accounts To Dodge Debt

Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images for BET

Birdman reportedly owes his former employee, Nicolas Jose Penzo around $1 million dollars. Penzo used to work with Birdman’s property manager from 2015-2017. He claims that he worked 48-60 hours and was not always paid his $150 wage. He’s asking for the money and a Florida judge granted a default judgment against Birdman in the amount of $1,069,876.

Penzo told the judge, “I have suffered back pain due to the immense amount of work the Defendant required me to do. I was without work for approximately one year, suffered financially, physically, and emotionally because of the position the Defendant left me in, and therefore feel I am entitled to $1,000,000 in compensatory damages.” Unfortunately, Birdman used to have accounts with Citibank, but he reportedly closed all his accounts. Penzo is trying to collect his money, but Citibank claims they no longer have his money.

Therefore, Penzo has to find another way of collecting his money. Birdman does not want to pay up his money.

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