Kawhi Leonard Booed By Rams Fans In Los Angeles

Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

The big rivalry this upcoming NBA season will feature two powerhouses in Kawhi Leonard/Paul George’s Clippers against Anthony Davis/LeBron James’ Lakers. With this said, there were several teams interested in potentially signing Leonard before coming to the Clippers. Staying in Toronto was a possibility, as well as signing with the Lakers or Houston Rockets. Not opting for the Lakers left many purple and gold fans upset, as they continue to make their frustrations known in different settings.

Even though Clippers fans are excited with Kawhi’s move to LA, it’s important to note that most fans in the city are Lakers fans. With this said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise for Leonard to be booed at different events, including at the Los Angeles Rams game this past Sunday.

Leonard appeared to not mind, as Rams fans continued to boo from all areas in the arena. However, things didn’t turn out better for the Rams, as they lost that game 55-40 in a horrific defensive performance.

Check out Leonard being booed below:

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