2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke Wants Jay-Z To “Fix” Super Bowl Halftime Show

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke is one of the pioneers for hip hop when it comes to putting Miami on the map. Luke has been an important staple for the city since the 80s and continues to speak on issues surrounding his city.

With the recent announcement of the Super Bowl half-time show performers, Uncle Luke’s putting pressure on Jay-Z to add some Miami talent alongside Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. This comes from Jay-Z and Roc Nation’s partnership with the NFL based on helping with the halftime show.

It should be noted that Uncle Luke defended Jay after the backlash he received over his partnership with the NFL. Luke is now wondering what Jay is doing, considering there isn’t any Miami talent onstage for the halftime show.

“Pitbull, AKA Mr. Worldwide, along with Flo Rida and Rick Ross, should really be the headliners of this halftime show. J. Lo and Shakira should be Pitbull’s invited guests since he did songs with them. And Flo Rida should be inviting Trick Daddy, Trina, and other Miami superstars to share the spotlight. The NFL is going about this ass-backward,” Uncle Luke wrote on the Miami New Times.

He continues by saying how Jay-Z is in violation of the G Code over the halftime picks. “When you go into another man’s city, you are supposed to consult with him. In this case, Jay-Z should’ve had a conversation with me before coming up with this ludicrous idea,” he wrote.

Watch Uncle Luke’s reaction below:

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