Clippers’ Patrick Beverley Reportedly Bragged In LeBron’s Face After Kawhi Signing

Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Los Angeles Clippers point guard Patrick Beverley is known to not hold back, regardless of who is in front of him. Whether it be Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant or LeBron James, Beverley does not back down, especially with the Lakers and James.

It’s become clear that the intensity between the Clippers and Lakers will be a focal point in the season. Considering both teams have strengthen greatly, both teams are among favorites to win the title.

During a recent appearance on The Woj Pod, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst talked about the time when both Clippers and Lakers players were at the same restaurant in Las Vegas when news surfaced of the Clippers’ move. This led to Beverley taking the matter into his own hands and made it a point to gloat in LeBron’s face.

“And so the deal actually gets done. [Adrian Wojnarowski reports] that Kawhi has not only agreed to sign with the Clippers, but the Clippers are trading half their future for Paul George, it’s a stunning development. And it all goes down while those players are at the same restaurant in various private rooms.”

“The story that I heard was that Patrick was making a beeline down the hallway of private rooms — sticking his head into all the rooms gloating about the Clippers’ giant haul — including into LeBron’s room.”

Considering the NBA season starts next month, many fans are already excited for this matchup.

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