Yo-Yo On New Generation of Hip Hop, Favorite Female Artist + School of Hip Hop

Yo-Yo On New Generation of Hip Hop, Favorite Female Artist + School of Hip Hop
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Yo-Yo gives her opinion on the new generation of hip-hop, siding with Cardi B on how transparent she is with her fans, advice to new artists, and new music.

The legend that is Yo-Yo sat down with Paulina to discuss everything from her role on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood to lessons she has learned along the way in the game. Being a pioneer with setting the female rap bar, the L.A. native shares where she stands with the new generation of female artists running the charts and the summer. Yo-Yo says, “A lot of artists are really trying to find their authentic self. I think, with a world that’s so trendy and people, or stations, or you know the industry only kind of capitalizing off of what’s trending, I think that you’re seeing a lot of talent come out of that.”

Yo-Yo also offers quite a bit of advice for anyone wanting to find success in the rap game and even or those already killing the genre that has seen a surge of female empowerment.

Try to find the best you and bring it forward. I mean, you know, styles change, people really want to see you. I think, for the ladies out there: see your vision, see where you’re trying to go, because sometimes, you don’t want to contradict your character. You know, you want to get out there, and I struggled with that for so long. You want to be in the game for a long time, just keep that in mind. Remember that the kids are listening and if you ever want to transition into movies, and all this stuff, there’s only going to be a certain amount that’s going to be picked form each pile, each pack, so stand out in your own crowd and make sure you’re leading in your pack.

Yo-Yo drops her favorite female rap artists in the game right now, which includes Cardi B and Rapsody and she also shares her newest venture with helping up and coming artists.

Peep the full Yo-Yo and Paulina interview below!


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