“It: Chapter Two” Earns $185 Million At Global Box Office

It’s safe to say that It: Chapter Two has to be one of the most anticipated movies of the past couple of years. Following the success of its predecessor, It, the new film is doing great box office numbers with $91 million domestically and $94 million internationally. The film has been played for a total of 75 foreign markets as of today.

“We’re absolutely thrilled with our result,” Jeff Goldstein, Warner Bros.’ president of domestic distribution, told Variety. “Andy Muschietti and New Line, as well as the marketing team led by Blair Rich, created one of those moments where it all works. We’re proud of it.”

With this said, the film might be doing well in the box office but fails to live up to the hype with critics. The movie holds a 64% on Rotten Tomatoes and 59% on Metacritic. However, with It: Chapter Two being a success with the fans, there could be the possibility of a third movie added to the franchise.

Watch the It: Chapter Two trailer below: