Lil Eazy-E On Pressure To Uphold Eazy E’s Legacy w/ New Tombstone Unveiling + Growing Up Hip Hop

Lil Eazy-E On Pressure To Uphold Eazy E’s Legacy w/ New Tombstone Unveiling + Growing Up Hip Hop
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Lil Eazy-E checks in with CeCe and Romeo of the KDAY mornings show to talk about upholding his father’s legacy and the unveiling of a new tombstone, WeTV’s Growing Up Hip Hop, and much more.

Speaking on coming up in the music industry as Eazy E’s son, Lil E confesses that attempting to create his own music and connections with music labels, he found it difficult to separate himself from his father’s legacy.

You go through that in life. You go through that in the earlier stages, and I did. I was signed to Virgin; I was signed to Blackground Universal, and when I went through record deal after record deal, and A&R after A&R, and individuals try to sit there and stretch you and do this. You know, I came out raw and hard, you feel what I’m saying? And felt that way that I needed to. So, at that time it was kind of tough and I sat back and I said, you know what, I’m cool with this music.

As his father is a pioneering voice in West Coast and rap culture, E shared what he loved most about the N.W.A. rapper and what he meant to those outside of his musical persona.

Just how real he was and how much he cared. I mean that’s the most touching one, is things that people probably don’t know. How much he cared for individuals outside and not just his family. Me and Flavor was just talking about it and there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes things that he has done, as far as his artists. Like, Cocaine, he paid for his children’s surgery at the time, paid for DOC’s surgery so where he could still talk, you know what I mean? He did charities for kids, helped out individuals’ kids, and did things that they weren’t able to or didn’t have funds to take care of or anything drastic that they had to do for their children, my father stepped in and helped out for that.

Lil Eazy E goes on to discuss his ties to VH1’s Love and Hip Hop as well as what is in the works for his role on WeTV’s Growing Up Hip Hop.

Watch the full interview below!

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