Snoop Dogg On ‘I Wanna Thank Me’ Album, Nipsey Hussle-Inspired “One Blood, One Cuzz” + Jay-Z NFL Controversy

Snoop Dogg Debuts 'I Wanna Thank Me' Album
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Snoop Dogg stops by the studio to debut his new album ‘I Wanna Thank Me’ which includes features from Ozuna, Jermaine Dupri, $tupid Young, and many more. Cece and Romeo, of the KDAY morning show, were also able to preview the album last week in Snoop’s studio and they break down Snoop’s favorite tracks on the record.

The West Coast goat just dropped off his newest project that was inspired by his recent Hollywood Walk Of Fame honor where the rapper spontaneously thanked himself during his unprepared speech. Snoop told the morning show, “I think that it was all spawned by that day because that was a freestyle conversation that I was having with myself. I just poured into the microphone because I didn’t have nothing written for the occasion.” Snoop goes on to continue explaining, “So, I think from there, it was about, you know, what I could do that’s relevant enough to make sense for my music career right now. That was just like the proper thing to do, considering that I’ve been doing so much for so many others. And, looking out for everybody since I been out in the game, and I’ve never really like, given myself credit for what I’ve done. You know, the things that I do, so I just wanted to take one album to do that.”

With the late Nipsey Hussle’s 34th birthday passing this week, Snoop’s “One Blood, One Cuzz” track is noted as a salute to the fallen Los Angeles rapper as Unc shares his inspiration behind the track.

It’s a song that definitely was inspired by the passing of Nipsey Hussle and the unity walk and just the different gangs coming together and uniting around the whole globe. It was a spiritual record. A record that was stamped that day and stamped that Nipsey Hussle wouldn’t be going in vain. He wanted to see “Bloods” and “Crips” get together. One of his best friends was YG, and that’s documented. Him and YG loved each other like they grew up together and they was two opposite sides of the gang banging world and they moved like they was one.

Snoop goes on to speak on the current controversy surrounding Jay-Z’s new deal with NFL as well as the hilarious bet that he has to pay up on with Clipper Darrell.

Watch the full Snoop Dogg interview below!

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