Glasses Malone Explains “2Pac Must Die” + Talks New Era Of West Coast Rap

Glasses Malone Explains "2Pac Must Die" + Talks New Era Of West Coast Rap
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Glasses Malone hit up the KDAY studios to deliver his story that he’s currently pushing with his new music. Speaking with Noah Ayala and Paulina, Malone explains his positioning about his controversial new song “2Pac Must Die”, discusses the new era of West Coast rap and why he believes he made the modern-day “F*ck The Police”.

Immediately clearing the air about the alerting responses and the backlash that the rapper has experienced, Glasses begins to explain his reasoning of the track saying, “When you really care about hip-hop, you just trying to find something that hasn’t been done, you know? Tupac has done everything. Snoop has done everything, Dre has done everything, Game has done everything, Battlecat has done everything, Warren’s done everything; and you get a little tricky. You got to pull the trick out the bag. You got to kind of get a little creative but you also gotta take within your expertise.

Malone goes on to continue clarifying his stance:

Make no mistakes, I’ve been a gang banger a long time, I’ve been living in the streets, I’ve been selling drugs for a long time. So, that’s the closest thing to my expertise, So, I know what it’s like being on the other side of getting jumped. Obviously Tupac being in the conversation makes it a bigger conversation. But, again, I’ve told this same story a lot of times. To repeat this, I’ve told this story a lot of times, it’s just this time Tupac was involved, so it became a lot bigger.

Glasses also talks about the new wave of rappers repping the West Coast and talks the relationship with rappers like Jay Rock, Nipsey Hussle, Dom Kennedy, and more.

Watch the full Glasses Malone interview with Noah Ayala below!

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