LeBron James Will Organize Lakers Minicamp In Las Vegas

Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images

LeBron James is looking to help build the chemistry of the current Lakers squad. After the busy off-season the team has had, the Los Angeles squad is basically a new team with aspirations for a championship. With the team being clear contenders for the title, James knows the importance of building chemistry in order for the team to be ready for the upcoming season.

Although training camp for the Lakers begins in September, James is making it a priority for the team to start training sooner than that. According to Stadium, the Lakers’ star wants to hold a mini-camp for the Lakers which will take place in Las Vegas. This mini-camp would help the team develop chemistry prior to training camp, which would help them prepare for the upcoming season.

Considering there’s high hopes for the LeBron James/ Anthony Davis pairing, it would be interesting to see how they gel on the court. The Clippers have also come out as favorites to win the championship, so the more training the Lakers get together, the better they will be.

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