Slim 400 On Getting Shot 9 Times, Family Saving His Life, New Lifestyle, And New Music

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Slim 400 recently stopped by the KDAY Morning Show with Cece & Romeo to talk about his recent shooting, in which he was a victim, and what motivated him to get out of the hospital, as well as new music.

Cece started off by asking Slim about the night he was shot. The rapper went to explain how, “he stopped by his childhood neighborhood and a couple men got out of their car and started shooting”. He clarifies the rumors of how many times he was shot, “I have nine bullet wounds,” he explains. He goes on to say that the motivation for him to get up was the will to be alive.

The moment he was released he was filled with gratitude and headed straight to the studio. Romeo asks what his next move is in the music industry would be and if his perspective has changed. Slim states, “I’m going to give it all I got, I cant smoke, I can’t drink,” therefore his sobriety will allow some clarity in his new music. He is choosing to “move up” from this situation.

The rapper goes on to talk about his Ice Wata merch, which can be purchased on his official Instagram account. Cece & Romeo conclude with asking slim “What does KDAY mean to you”? Slim explains how, “KDAY still plays hits that may have been forgotten and how KDAY won’t let you forget about who was the first rappers and who was up and coming in the 90s”. KDAY is important to the community.

Slim speaks to the city of LA by concluding with, “make your mark of the world stay “focus and motIvated, hard work pays off!”

Watch the full KDAY Morning Show interview below:

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