Jay-Z’s NYC Nightclub Adds 24/7 Security After Failed Break-In

Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Jay-Z’s 40/40 club has added 24/7 security after a possible break-in on Friday. Staff at the club believe that the nightclub was the target of a break-in attempt after facing some damage.

According to TMZ, the club’s staff called the police to report that the front door was reportedly marked, which indicated someone trying to make their way inside. The door reportedly had marks on it, but police have since repaired the incident. With this, the club has been under surveillance 24/7, since the accident.

However, police still hasn’t found any video evidence of the possible incident from the surveillance footage. The police is reportedly still investigating the situation to see if it was a break-in.

Two guys were seen hanging out in front of the building that Friday, but the alarm never went off. This means that there’s nothing suggesting one of the men was trying to break in. Although staff considers these men suspicious of the possible crime, there’s not enough evidence to suggest they perpetuated the crime.

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