Diddy Might Be Looking To Bring Back “Making The Band” Show

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Diddy might be looking to take it back one time for old school MTV fans of Making The Band. After being off the air for an entire decade, Diddy appears to be interested in bringing back his popular show.

Earlier this week, the mogul took to Instagram to tell his followers of the idea of rebooting his classic MTV competition show, Making The Band. “Something interesting happened this morning that I need to share with you guys,” Diddy said. “Years ago I did something that will go down in television history. This show called Making the Band. Now, I’m trying to figure out my schedule for the next 24 months…but MTV called me out of nowhere and was like, ‘What do you think about partnering and bringing Making the Band back?'”

Diddy does have reservations about bringing back the show, considering its popularity and how it was a classic moment for television. He also states that the show might be too much for current acts to handle, but did tell his followers to hashtag #IWantMyMTB, if they would want it back.

Making the Band moved from ABC to MTV in 2002 and ran until October 2009. The show birthed several acts, including Danity Kane, Day26, Da Band and Donnie Klang.


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If y’all want me to bring it back, leave a comment with #IWantMyMTB

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