Kawhi Leonard Reportedly Scheduled To Meet With Clippers Next Week

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Clippers’ pursuit of Toronto Raptors’ star Kawhi Leonard has been evident throughout the entire season. From members of the organization sitting down in Raptors games to watch Leonard play to Clippers’ coach Doc Rivers making remarks of how good the player is, it was obvious. Now, it appears the Clippers’ will get a chance to make a pitch to Kawhi Leonard.

With the NBA free agency kicking off on June 30th at 3pm PST, teams are lining up to meet with NBA all-stars to potentially add ok to their respective rosters. The two biggest acquisitions could be the two NBA Finals MVP’s, Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard. Signs have pointed that Leonard might resign with the Toronto Raptors, although he’s also considering coming back to California to play with the Los Angeles Clippers.

According to Frank Isola of The Athletic, the Clippers will get the opportunity to meet with Kawhi next week. The two are reportedly scheduled to meet on Tuesday, which could result in deception for Lakers fans, as they were looking to add another all-star to their LeBron James/Anthony Davis pairing.

However, this is all still speculation. Kawhi is reportedly “seriously considering” resigning with the Raptors, as he has the possibility to sign a supermax contract. The Toronto star is eligible to sign a five-year, $190 million supermax contract with the Raptors, while other teams, can offer a max of four-years, $140.6 million.