Shaq Says Jay-Z, Biggie & DJ Quik Were His Favorites To Work With

Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images for American Express

It’s safe to say Shaquille O’Neal has done a lot of what he’s wanted to do throughout his lifetime. From a star basketball player to rapper, to sports commentator to DJ, Shaq is an accomplished personality who’s delved into areas that many wouldn’t think to go to. However, nowadays many forget to mention his music career when his accomplishments get brought up. Shaq holds an impressive music catalog, while working with some of the best in the game, he managed to release four studio albums between 1993 and 1998.

In a recent interview with Baller Alert, Shaq talked about unreleased tracks and his favorite rappers he’s worked with.

“I got about 20 unreleased tracks, I may do something with it,” he said, then mentioned that he once performed with the Notorious B.I.G. “It was one summer Biggie had me come up there with him. The crowd went crazy. It was great. Him and Jay-Z are probably the two greatest guys I worked with. And the best producer I probably ever worked with in the studio was DJ Quik. DJ Quik is nice.”

Shaq went on to mention the impressive catalog of rappers he’s worked with.

“So my concept was for me, being in the dream-filled attraction state that I was in, I want to rap with my favorite guys and nobody has ever turned me down. Nobody has ever charged me and nobody has ever denied a song that I’ve did with them, so I think that speaks for itself. I’ve done Jay Z. I’ve done Nas. I’ve done Mob Deep. I’ve done Method Man. I’ve done RZA. I’ve done Notorious B.I.G. I’ve done Fat Joe. Big Pun. DJ Quik. Snoop Dogg. Dub C. Ice Cube. Peter Gunz. Lord Tariq. Tribe Called Quest. Phife Dawg. It don’t get no better than that.”

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