Tracy Morgan’s Bugatti Damage Cost Has Been Revealed

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for WarnerMedia

Earlier this month, Tracy Morgan was involved in a minor collision with a woman in New York City minutes after purchasing new Bugatti for $2 million. It appears that no one had serious injuries nor had to be taken to the hospital. The accident appeared to be minimal, with the woman only damaging the fender bender of Morgan’s brand-new Bugatti.

Police reports say the woman in the Honda is found at fault, with her insurance only being able to cover a portion of the damage. However, the value of Morgan’s car is much more than the limit for most commercial insurances.

Sources also state that the damage will cost approximately $22,000 to fix the bumper, with an additional $10,000 to fix the fender of the driver’s side, and this would be the cost without the labor work.