Slick Rick On “No Stylist” Remix, Working With OutKast & Nas + 30th Anniversary Of His Debut Album

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Slick Rick recently stopped by the KDAY Morning Show with Romeo to talk about his time working with OutKast, Nas and many others, as well as the 30th Anniversary of The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick.

Rick went on to say the origin of his name. Starting his career with the name Little Ricky D, then changing the name because it wouldn’t fit his persona, he’s been around for decades and has been massively influential in the hip hop genre. Rick went on to say how he became connected to Doug E. Fresh and what their initial conversations were like. “Doug E. was already an established artist. He was performing at this place called “Escape Fever” once in the Bronx, and I met him there. I was doing my little, ‘Yo, you should put me on,’ but nothing happened that time.” He said, until Fresh saw him in later shows.

Slick Rick went on to mention what led him to rap and why he started doing it.

“Well, when people told me that I was good at telling stories in rap-form, you know, you just grab on to that nitch. Plus it was fun to me, I always liked to tell stories before hip hop came around,” he said.

The rapper also said how he connected with OutKast on Street Talkin‘.

“I’m not sure who approached who, but they were making a song and they wanted me to do a verse on it. We did a little switch, ‘I do a song for you and you do a song for me.’ he says speaking on the Street Talkin‘ and Da Art of Storytellin’.

Slick Rick goes on to mention his top rappers from the West coast and from the East coast.

Watch the full KDAY Morning Show interview below:

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