KDAY Host’s Share Their ‘1 Minute Opinions’ On Nas [WATCH]

KDAY Host’s Share Their ‘1 Minute Opinions’ On Nas [WATCH]
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Nas has had major influence throughout his career. The Queensbridge rapper has sold more than 30 million records worldwide and has proven his status as a Hip Hop legend.

This week the KDAY crew is back again to share their ‘1 Minute Opinions’ on the New York rapper. Noah Ayala went on to talk about the impact ‘Illmatic‘ had in the rap game, and where he ranks it in the best rap albums of all time. Romeo goes on to say that Nas deserves the top 5 position in any list ans how ‘Ether‘ is one of the greatest diss records of all time. Paulina mentions some classic Nas lines, and PJ Butta talks about Nas’ inconsistency in some of his singles!

Watch Nas x ‘1 Minute Opinions’ below:

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