“Leaving Neverland” Considering Sequel on Michael Jackson’s Trial

Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Leaving Neverland” director Dan Reed is reportedly looking to make a sequel to the HBO documentary if the accusers are willing to participate.

Years following his death, Michael Jackson’s legacy is being questioned following sexual allegations from two accusers. Now, Reed says he doesn’t intend of focusing on Jackson’s career or life, but would be looking to make a sequel revolving around the icon’s 2005 trial.

In a recent interview with The Film Stage, Reed said there’s Leaving Neverland versions that ran for five hours with multiple people revolving around the 2005 trial. Some of these people included LAPD officers and the Santa Barbara Sherriff’s Department who investigated the case. Of course, these clips did not make it to the documentary, but Reed would still like to put them out at some point.

“The film I would really like to make following this one is the trial of Michael Jackson. I could only do that if the victim and his family participate. It would be a much weaker film [if they didn’t.] He said.

With the backlash Leaving Neverland received, the follow up would be controversial, to say the least.

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