Jay-Z & Prodigy Almost Appeared On M.O.P’s “Ante Up” Remix

Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Billy Danze of M.O.P. recently dropped his new album, Six Pack. He followed it up by appearing on Doggie Diamond’s No Filterpodcast, where he shared an interesting story about the remix of M.O.P’s hit single, “Ante Up.” Danze went on to say that both Jay-Z and Prodigy were supposed to feature on the remix together, but ended up not going with it as their beef began at the time. Danze went on to say that M.O.P. was not trying to get in the middle of the feud.

Billy Danze went on to say that he would not allow Prodigy to diss Jay-Z on the song, considering their relationship with Hov. Danze had already received the verse from Prodigy, which caused the rapper to call Jay-Z and tell him that his services weren’t needed.

“Jay was supposed to get on the song. Prodigy had did a verse for the song. But I didn’t wanna use Prodigy’s verse, because he was talking about Jay,” Danze said. “So, I hit Jay and said ‘nevermind, don’t worry about the verse, we’re closing the song out.’”

Danze went on to say, “You don’t bring your little beef or little war into my house. I don’t do that.”

Check out what Billy Danze had to say below:

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