Juicy J Talks Columbia Deal + Says He’s The New Berry Gordy of 2019

photo credit: 935KDAY

Juicy J came by the studio with his bottle of tequila to take some shots and talk his upcoming business plans with Columbia.

Currently working on a forthcoming project, Juicy shares what has inspired him to do with his music this time around, prompting him to being more conscious for his community. Donning himself the new Berry Gordy, Juicy J is currently in talks with Columbia to potentially take over the company and leave his signature in production and artist development. Planning to work with artists to further groom their craft, Juicy tells Noah Ayala:

It’s about growth and development; you know what I’m saying. Investing your money, it’s about being smart, about becoming an entrepreneur. It ain’t nothing wrong with being a hood n***a, that’s cool, we love that. That’s great. But, let’s try to take it up a notch. You know what I’m saying? Everybody wants to be tough and hard, that’s cool, it’s nothing wrong with that. Be tough and hard within yourself. Don’t take no sh*t from nobody. You should never do that but take your time. Invest in your family. Invest in your homies, Invest in your hood, invest in your city, invest in something that’s going to better yourself and that’s going to better your people.

Peep what Juicy J had to say about winning an Oscar with Three 6 Mafia, a crazy night at a strip club, and much more.

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