50 Cent Celebrates New Television Show

Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

50 Cent has been experiencing a lot of success with his television production and screenwriting endevours. Recent reports have announced that ABC would be acquiring two new TV pilots, one of which will be executive produced by 50 Cent. The show’s script will be written by creator/executive producer Hank Steinberg and 50 himself. The plot involved an ex-con looking to re-ingratiate himself into society as a criminal lawyer after prison.

The real-life story involves a wrongfully convicted drug kingpin named Isaac Wright Jr, who fought hard to overturn his sentence. Wright Jr. then looks to re-establish himself as the head of his family, while also re-establishing himself as a member of society. This real-life story centers on the Criminal Justice Reform and is set to touch more on how grueling the process can be.

Salute to 50 Cent and his entire team on this big move.