DMX Cussed Out R. Kelly In 2009 Interview After Allegedly Catching Him With A Minor

Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for Coachella

R. Kelly’s reputation for being an alleged pedophile and sexual predator is something that’s been present for years in the music industry. Many rappers have come forward and showed their distaste for the singer, one of whom was DMX back in 2009. DMX called Kelly out after he recalled feeling insulted because the singer decided to isolate himself in a separate room during their studio session.

According to X, Kelly invited him to the studio and when he showed up, Kelly was nowhere to be seen. DMX started recording the track without Kelly, just to find out the singer was allegedly in another room with a minor.

“He didn’t have enough respect to come in the same room I’m in,” X said. “You didn’t have enough respect to talk to a n**** face to face, he had to talk through a crack in the door, because he in there with a minor?!”

Listen to the interview below:

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