28 Years Ago Today: DJ Quik Dropped “Quik Is The Name”

28 years ago today, DJ Quik dropped his instant-classic debut album, “Quik Is The Name” through Profile Records. The label had formidable lyricists such as King Sun and Poor Righteous Teachers, so it was only right for Compton’s Quik to bring his own on a record.

With this album, DJ Quik helped pioneer gangsta rap into the West Coast mainstream. Managing to sell 50,000 in its first week with a $30,000 budget for production, it proved to last the test of time considering it took 17 days to finish up. The original album was recorded at the Westlake Recording Studio in Los Angeles, which is the same place Michael Jackson recorded the iconic, Thriller. After its release, it became certified Gold in four months and went Platinum in 1995.

Born and Raised in Compton,” “Tonight” and “Quik is the Name” brought a funkier, more laid tone than his West Coast counterparts. The entire project was produced by Quik himself, with Courtney Branch and Tracy Kendrick helping out in the process.

Listen to “Quik is the Name” below:

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