Pusha T: “I Don’t Think Lyric-Driven Hip-Hop Goes Out Of Style”

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Pusha T has been working in the music game for decades. Pusha received critical and commercial success as a member of the Clipse and throughout his solo career. Now, with plans toward the future, he’s looking to curate of a mixtape featuring up and coming rappers set to drop December 7th.

In a recent interview, King Push spoke about the new generation of rappers and how he sees the current state of the genre.

“I don’t think lyric-driven hip-hop goes out of style. I think that stays around forever, and then I feel like you retire when you’re out of the mix of it and out of the culture and lifestyle of it. When you start not caring about hip-hop aesthetics and just being first and competing, then you supposed to be like, alright cool, I’m out.“ He says.

Pusha goes on to mention the newer rappers he’s been working with and how they influence him.

“I think the greatest lesson for me and the position I’m in right now is opening up these corporate opportunities.” He says. “They do everything themselves. They’re shooting their own videos, recording themselves. They’re writing, producing, and recording themselves. They’re damn near engineering…They’re so self-sufficient.”

Salute to Pusha T for helping push the culture forward and for helping newer artists with a platform.

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