Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Money Tied In Bankruptcy Scam

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Will and Jada Smith are paying the price for helping their long-time friends with a loan, which was used in a fraudulent manner. According to reports, Tisha Campbell and her husband filed for bankruptcy two years ago and the Smiths jumped in to help.

Tisha and Duane Martin reportedly owed $65,000 in real estate and $258,000 in personal property, with their debts accumulating to approximately $15.1 million. New reports have surfaced that indicate Martin has hidden money for years from several sources. Now, back in February, Campbell filed for divorce and when asked to split the belonging it was discovered that the Smiths lent them $1.4M. The purpose of the money was to flip real estate, but due to shady transactions, this may lead to criminal charges. However, the Smiths are not considered suspects.

Tisha Campbell has now asked the court that Duane Martin should pay up more money, as he’s allegedly been hiding it. Campbell is currently trying to convince Duane to come forward to “avoid jail and be there for their two children.”

Hopefully this pans out well for both sides and they can settle their arguments soon.

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