Cam’ron Dissed Kanye West on 1st Verse of Dipset’s “Diplomatic Ties”

Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for TuneIn

Cam’ron wasted no time on Dipset’s new “Diplomatic Ties” album to diss Kanye West. Both rappers know each other well. With their relationship stemming back to Roc-a-Fella days, Cam says Ye has lost all personability of the person he once knew.

“Intro: Stay Down”
“Dame Dash my man, he shootin’ then I’m buckin’ with him
They shootin’ at us? Sh*t, I’m duckin’ with him
But I had to be firm and tell ’em that Kanye only f*** witchu when on one else is f*****’ with him
He told me he was bipolar
I looked and said, “Bipolar?”
Don’t be ridiculous, he wasn’t in the mix with us
Bricks from Hamilton Terrace
He didn’t take the risk with us
Ain’t boil a coffee pot, ain’t open the barbershop
Where we sold hydro at, where we pissed off the cops
The ones in the Taurus, n****, he a tourist
Uncle Tom n**** know nothin’ about this chorus.”

Listen here:

However, this is not the first time Killa Cam has dissed Kanye. He went against the Chicago producer/rapper on his “Coleslaw” track off “The Program” album.

Listen to “Coleslaw” here:

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