Talib Kweli To Kanye West: “He Still Has More Work To Do”

Photo by Marc Millman/Getty Images for Dayglo Presents

In a recent back-and-forth via email, Talib Kweli explained to HipHopDX the delay of his joint album with Kanye West.

The Black Star rapper explained how his recent Instagram post wasn’t an attempt to have Ye back in the studio with him. It was instead a reminder that Kweli had warned Kanye about the people that would use him for their agendas.

“We started working on one but I stopped going around once it was clear that he wasn’t hearing me.” Kweli told HipHopDX. “I posted that clip on IG not so much to restart the album, but to remind him that I was warning him thru song about the very people who took advantage of him way before he allowed them to.”

He continued by expressing his love for the Chicago rapper.

“I have a lot of love for Ye but he still has more work to do.”

Earlier this week, West announced that he’d be distancing himself from politics to focus on his creative process.