Deciding Hip Hop’s Legends Ft. Master P | ROUNDTABLE

Romeo, Paulina, DJ SMS, Manny, George and Noah got together for another episode of the series, this time to talk about hip hop legends.

The trick to the game was to pull names out of a hat and decide whether those names were considered legends or not by the panel. Names like Ludacris, Suga Free, Talib Kweli, Ja Rule and many more were up for debate, but the group gave their uncensored thoughts.

Not only did the group participate, the legendary Master P made a surprise appearance to the show and shared his thoughts on if Suga Free is a legend or a “regional legend.” He also went on to ask Romeo to be in his documentary and mentioned how he wants KDAY to be a part of it as the station was influential in his West Coast prominence.

Check out what the group had to say below:

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