Mike Tyson’s New TV Show Is About Growing Weed

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Mike Tyson is currently pitching a new TV show to major networks involving the usage of weed. The title of the show is called, Rolling With The Punches.

The former boxer will be playing himself in the scripted show, which is similar to that of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Talking about what the show consists of, Tyson made it clear that it was similar to his daily life.

“It’s simple. I’m playing a retired boxer who is growing marijuana. It’s basically me acting like me, so people can get a look at what my life could be like in different scenarios.” He said.

The setting for the show would take place in Tyson’s ranch, which would work perfectly for him due to the product placement exposure.

The ranch will have a school teaching people how to grow weed, supply store for pot farmers and campgrounds for stoner tourist to visit.

Tyson is capitalizing on the growing trend in entertainment involving marijuana usage and weed-culture.