50 Cent Set To Make His Directorial Debut On Season 6 Of “Power”

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Starz Entertainment LLC

Social media aside, 50 Cent is making moves outside of the rap game.

It has been announced that 50 Cent would be the director of the upcoming season 6 show, “Power.”

Not only that, it seemed like 50 did not make it easy for the current director of the show. Eif Rivera suggested that he wasn’t being shown the proper respect after making contributions to the Power brand.

However, it did not go in the direction many thought it would go in. Rivera showed 50 love, saying that it would be the beginning of many great things for the rapper.

Eif Rivera is a respected director, editor, and 3D graphic artist in hip-hop. Busta Rhymes once described him as “the new Hype Williams.”

Good luck to 50 and all of his future endeavors outside of hip hop.