Styles P & Dave East Break Down Rap Beef

Photo by Larry French/Getty Images for Live Nation

In a recent interview with Hot 97, Styles P and Dave East broke down why they feel Drake’s statement about rap beef was wrong.

Host of the show, Ebro mentioned a post Styles made, in which he wrote: “nothing is wrong with not engaging in warfare, it’s actually the wiser thing to do. But never engage and expect rules, with rap or the streets.” Styles elaborated on his stance. “There were a couple of factors [Drake] left out,” says Styles. “Pusha T just dropped an album. [Drake] dropped a diss record the next day, and mentioned his wife. Now he could have not did a record and straight up punch Drake in the face when he sees him. Cause that’s a violation. He’s about to get married, you don’t know how his wife feel. You threw her in the battle, and then you asking him to follow a guideline?”

The veteran MC goes on and explains why he feels Pusha T’s cemented status in the game makes him a force to be reckoned with.

“There’s no rules in this. He’s heard it all. And to Drake, you the biggest guy in the game, just chill, there’s nothing wrong with that.” He said.

Styles makes his stance clear when it comes to Drake commenting on rap beef.

“You letting a dude who had a ghostwriter now say what we can do in the dirt?” He said.

Styles P and Dave East are just coming off of dropping their incredible Beloved album this month.

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