Fabolous & Emily B’s Dad Are Friends Again After Driveway Altercation

Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Bagatelle

Fabolous and Emily B had an intense altercation earlier in the year and it all seemed as if the rapper was in deep trouble. Now it seems like Emily’s dad is siding with Fab, even though the rapper pulled out scissors and allegedly threatened him with them.

It seems now that the two were able to work things out, away from the media spotlight. TMZ is reporting that Emily B, her dad, Fabolous, and the kids have gotten a lot closer since the incident.

However, the police is still looking at Fab for the threats he said that afternoon. The Brooklyn native was recently indicted for allegedly assaulting Emily and must face the consequences of his threats against her pops.

In a turn of events, Emily’s B father has reportedly agreed to testify in Fabolous’ honor if his case goes to trial. Emily and Fabulous are still as couple as of now. But, who knows how this story will play out for them.

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