Lil Wayne Warns NBA Reporter To Keep His Name Out Of His Mouth

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Lil Wayne recently had a sit-down with New York Giants player, Odell Beckham Jr. and some people found it to be comical. One person that took it up a notch was New York sports journalist Frank Isola, who made a comment suggesting Wayne’s presence took away from Beckham’s credibility.

The rapper has responded and addressed Isola’s comments on an Instagram post.

“I’ve been hearing things like, if [Beckham] wants to be taken seriously, why would he do an interview with Lil Wayne sitting next to him?” Wayne says. “Frank, I rock with you. I actually like you. When you come on TV, I like your heavy New York, Italian whatever accent, I like the way you do your thing, you say what you want to say, you get your point across. But you mentioned my name, my name came out your mouth this time. When that happens, I’m going to fire back at you. I don’t know much about you though. Fact is, you don’t know much about me. With that said, keep my name out your mouth.”

Watch Wayne’s response below:


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