Lil Kim’s Last Words With Biggie, Relationship w/ Left Eye of TLC, Wanting To Be an Architect, And New Music

Photo Credit: 93.5 KDAY

Legendary Brooklyn rapper, Lil Kim came by to hang out with the KDAY Morning Show to talk about her new single, “Nasty One,” stories about The Notorious B.I.G. and her relationship with TLC artist, Left Eye.

With an extremely loyal fan base still supporting her, the Queen Bee reminisced about her iconic breakthrough with “How Many Licks?” and changing her sound to a ‘reggae culture’ vibe for the new album.

She went on to mention stories about the late Biggie, saying that he used to cook for her while they were out on tour.

“He was a really good cook. He cooked so good, and he liked to cook, like, if I was sad about something he’d be like ‘I know what I’m doing’…and I’d be happy.” she said.

Kim also mentioned that rap was not all she wanted to do while growing up. She wanted to be an architect, but what ultimately prevented her from that pursuit was thinking that she was not “that great in math.”

“I don’t know if there was a point where I was like this is exactly what I wanted to do. It was like, this is the only thing that I really dreamt of. I mean, I wanted to be an architect, but I’m not that great in math. It’s like, I know how to count my money, so I’m good. I went to college for two years, but I studied psychiatry and was 13 credits shy of my Associates degree.” she said.

She goes on to play Romeo‘s round of “Assed Out” and gets to pick between certain rappers, most notably between Mary J. Blige or Diddy.

See what Lil Kim has to say about her life then and now & more below:

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