LeBron James Says It’s A “Dream Come True” To Sign With Lakers

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In a recent interview with Uninterrupted, LeBron James finally shared his decision to sign with the Lakers, and how the move is a bag of mixed emotions.

“It’s kind of bittersweet timing, because on this hand I have a brand new school that’s opening…and I want to be there on a day-to-day basis, you know; 10 toes down for these kids,” said James. He’s also set to host a Monday news conference in Akron, Cleveland to launch his LeBron James Family Foundation’s “I Promise” school. “And then on the other hand, I’m moving. I’m moving to Los Angeles.”

While Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson has been vocal about the transfer, LeBron had not.

“This is kind of like a dream come true for me,” James said of joining the Lakers. “You know, growing up, I was a Cowboys fans, I was a Bulls fan, I was a Yankees fan, and I’ve always felt like that was one of the historic franchises. You look at the Lakers, and being able to play for a historic franchise, with so much history, you know?

“And now being able to partner with Magic Johnson, someone I kind of like looked up to when I was younger, you know, and wanted to make no-look passes like Magic, wanted to get on the break and be ‘Showtime’ like Magic, and then for it to all come to fruition at this point, I think timing is everything.”

James will definitely boost the Lakers’ chances of contending in the Western Conference, while keeping in mind how loaded the Golden State Warriors are at the moment.

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