Fat Joe Says Prodigy Was Still Angry At KRS-One Until The Day He Died For Dissing Queensbridge

Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

In a recent Hot 97 interview with Fat Joe, he went to promote his upcoming album Family Ties with his new artist, Dre, where he also mentioned his admiration for KRS-One. Joe has been public about his admiration for KRS-One for years and went on to mention a story that happened during Prodigy’s funeral.

First he said that Prodigy’s funeral was one of the “most beautiful” funerals he had ever attended. He also mentioned how P, even until his death had major beef with KRS.

Joe says “[At Prodigy’s funeral] they said he was angry until the day he died with KRS for dissing The Bridge. They said it at his funeral… That’s how deep this thing is… That’s Hip-Hop!”

Watch below:

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