30 Years Ago Today: Eric B & Rakim Release “Follow The Leader”

30 years ago today, the dynamic duo of Eric B & Rakim released their sophomore album, Follow the Leader. Having just come off of an undoubtable classic with their debut, Paid in Full, Follow the Leader showed that they were capable of cementing themselves at the top of hip hop prominence, while also showing growth as artists. Rakim’s lyrical edge and Eric B’s meticulous beat-making ability is shown throughout the duration of this album.

Follow the Leader is a staple in time when one mentions the Golden Age of Hip Hop.

The album sold nearly 500,000 within the year of its release, going on to receive a gold certification. Two of the four singles from the album, “Follow the Leader” and “Microphone Fiend” also made their way into the Billboard music charts. The album received praise throughout the board, it is seen as a more cohesive album than their debut, completely showcasing what New York was about at the time.

Truthfully this album is responsible for the longevity of the duo and it’s an undoubtable classic.

Listen to Eric B. & Rakim’s Follow The Leader: