Eminem Fans Left “Struggling To Breathe” At Bag Check

Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

With many venues and festivals beginning to seriously crack down on bringing bags inside the building, it can be difficult to plan a night. Now, fans who recently went to an Eminem show in London know the experience first hand.

Taking place at the Twickenham Stadium, fans were left content after Eminem’s performance. However, when leaving the venue, everything was so disorganized in the bag check area that people were “struggling to breathe” and getting “trampled.” According to NME, many were forced to leave their bags in the checked area because of new restrictions in the venue. Apparently, employees of the venue were fed up and were just dumping the bags for the concert-goers to pick up, causing the problem.

This is definitely an unfortunate end to a great show.

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