TI Gets Snubbed by Family Following Viral Video

Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Tidal

The King of the South found himself spending Father’s Day alone this past Sunday.

Tip’s children found themselves so upset with their dad an unanimous decision was made to spend the holiday with Tiny their mom.

A video surfaced of the rapper and his entourage relaxing backstage during a show in Indiana. A fan from outside the room began recording through the crack of the door when suddenly an unknown woman sits next to Tip, but not before he smacks her on the backside. The two are continued to be shown flirting and getting cozy the remainder of the video.

A new video of the Grand Hustle mogul explains the vibes within the household. He confesses that his kids “Ain’t rockin with him right now.” Tip let’s it be known he refuses to let the gossip consume him. Later in the video he expressed “Anytime somebody need me I’m there.” the rapper said “It don’t matter, for who or for where. Anytime anybody need me I’m always their-anybody!” It seems as though the video is referring to his children.

Family goes through ups and downs, hopefully communication between all members of the family opens up soon.

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