T.I. Wants A $775K Lawsuit Against Him Thrown Out Of Court

Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images for BET

T.I. is reportedly asking a judge to throw out a $775K lawsuit against him before it goes to court.

According to Bossip, Atlanta jewelers Aydin & Co., filed a lawsuit against the “King of the South” back in 2015 saying that he never paid them off. This includes a 48-carat diamond chain, $9,500 diamond hoop earrings, two $10,000 custom dog tags, a $24,500 women’s diamond bracelet, a $30,000 blue diamond watch and a $13,500 men’s wedding band.

However, the jewelers claim T.I. stopped paying them back in 2013. Going against them, he filed to say that he’s not in breach of contract with them. He also said that if he was in breach of contract, it’s passed the time for them to sue.

T.I. made sure to say there was a robbery at his home that resulted in more than $700,000 in jewelry to be stolen. But Aydin & Co. are still demanding for their money, similar to how they did Mase back in the day.

Who knows how this situation will play out, but hopefully both sides come to an agreement as soon as possible.