Cedric The Entertainer Says a Bernie Mac Hologram Nearly Happened

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

On a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Cedric The Entertainer went on to talk about Bernie Mac and how his passing affected those around him.

Cedric touched on wanting to bring the Original Kings of Comedy back together at one point, but at the time Mac was very ill and unable to.

“Yeah, we tried. We were very close. We had a couple of scripted ideas, and then we had the idea of just getting back together to do a mini-tour. It was right around the time Bernie [Mac] was ill. A lot of people didn’t know how ill he was. We thought we could squeeze it in, but unfortunately the timing on that didn’t work out.” Cedric said.

At the Cedric was not sure what to do with his tour idea, “Do we replace Bernie with someone? Do we do it without him? Do we do him as a hologram like at Coachella with Tupac? How weird do we want to go with this?”

The idea of a hologram is something that resonated after the Tupac Coachella performance.

“It did come about. It was one of those things. The technology was supposedly getting a lot better, and maybe we would do a short bit where we put Bernie up in this hologram situation. It was gonna be an expensive task. MTV still had the rights to the film, and I think they were transitioning into some other things. The idea never manifested all the way.”

Bernie Mac passed on August 9, 2008 in Chicago, his legacy is still felt to this day.

Rest in Peace, Bernie Mac.

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