LA County Registrar

Voting in L.A. County will soon change!

L.A. County voters, check out Cece & Romeo as they use the all new Ballot Marking Devices and join us for a Mock Election on September 28th-29th! Location details coming soon.

Voting in L.A. County will soon change. Having to vote on 1 day will soon be over! In 2020 voters will have 11 days to vote at any voting center near your job, school or the area most convenient for you in L.A. County. Over 1,000 voting centers will be available. It gets better, the new way to vote will be through Ballot Marking Devices. These are touch screen devises that’ll make it easier to read and mark your paper ballot. This new voting experience has been designed just for you L.A. County Voters. This is voting revolutionized! Explore the new voting experience with Cece and Romeo September 28th-29th from 10AM-4PM at the L.A. County Mock Election. You do not need to be registered to vote to come – everyone is welcome!

Come meet the KDAY Morning Show on Saturday 9/28 from 12pm-2pm at Glendale Central Library located at 22 E Harvard St.
Glendale, CA 91205!!

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